Уважаемый посетитель! Вы используете устаревший браузер, чтобы страница работала правильно, рекомендуется использовать современный браузер.

Say no to sending tons of files and links all over the place.
Say yes to online classroom that brings interactive textbooks and educational materials into one environment.

Add new words to your dictionary
and study them on the go with the mobile app.
We use special algorithms 
to help you more effectively learn
and memorize new vocabulary.


Mobile App

Use our homework tool to give your students
tasks that can be checked automatically. 
Track your students' progress 
and give the positive feedback.



Goodbye, Skype
for English lessons.
Hello Vimbox!

Vimbox gives you everything you need to teach effective,
well-orginized lessons

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Virtual Classroom

Everything you need for teaching or learning language, built into one environment   


Interactive laguage learning
materials in one environment.
All the actions are synchronised:
the teacher sees student's activities in real-time
and helps the students with their tasks. 

Vimbox is available for all Skyeng's teachers for free

Voice and Video Communication
Lessons can be recorded and made available both to the teacher
and the student, which allows for the full control over the education.
Make notes right in the virtual class and keep
them there so that your student and you have them always at hand.
Audio and Video Players
When the teacher is playing back video or
audio inside the student book, the file is seen or heard
on the student’s side, and vice versa.
Interactive Exercises
12 formats of exercises won’t let the students get bored at
the lesson or at doing their homework.
Dictionary flashcards are searchable, can be evoked by
clicking on words in the student book, added to the student’s
dictionary, and memorized with the help of the mobile application.

Goodbye, Skype for English lessons. Hello Vimbox!

A better experience. Quicker results. Happier students.